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  • Do you feel are out of hand when your children are developing fast and becoming incomprehensible?
  • While you are busy with career, do you know that your children are undergoing their most important life phases in which their characters are being developed?

10 Symptoms That Upset Parents:

01.Do not understand human nature and only wish to be understood

02.Feel loss, living life without a goal

03.Distance & refuse to communicate with parents

04.Indulge in material world, lack of financial management knowledge

05.Rebellious, respond defiantly to parents and seniors

06.Passive, overly dependent on others

07.Irresponsible, constantly come up with excuses

08.Sloppy in studies, overindulgent

09.Addicted to the Internet, lack of interpersonal skill

10.Ungrateful, take parents for granted

Do you want to help your child to equip with life-long “living ability”, “creativity”, & “future competitive edge”

  • Learn to love yourself more
  • Understand and empathy towards others
  • Confidence, responsible, giving
  • At ease with stress
  • Overcome fear and withstand failure & laborious
  • Know the goals & able to plan for future
  • Be appreciative & love others
  • Correct view of financial values
  • Learn to be self-appreciative and to appreciate others
  • Easy communication
  • Live with purpose and beyond self
  • Mature happily and feel joy

In fact, most frequent, children are unaware of their problems & unable to tackle them by themselves!

  • Are you happy with the relationships with your children?
  • Are you almost at your wits’ end trying to guide them well?
  • Do you know how to help them develop good attitude?
  • How to support them to take the fall in life with courage?
  • How to help them to approach studies with pleasure?
  • Do you know how to help them shape the right financial mindset?
  • How to guide them to execute their plan and achieve their goals?

Cultivate Your Children’s Interpersonal Skill

Let Them Grow With Confidence • Nurture A Harmonious Family

  • One can only outgrow himself when he has self-awareness!
  • One will only value himself when he understands his position!
  • Developing an objective mind leads to better understanding of others!
  • Nurture your children, guide them to operate from within with their heart, feeling, empathy and gratitude!

4U For Youth Interpersonal Relationship Teaches Your Children:

1、To understand their own strengths and people’s behavior

2、To take care of themselves and be of service to others

3、The right financial mindset and financial management knowledge

4、How to interact with people, make friends and integrate into the society

5、Make good use of resources and be grateful to parents

6、Experience working together with others for a common goal

7、Mind mapping technique and guide them in knowledge management

8、How to turn negative emotion into positive one

Suitable candidate

  • Youth between age 12- 18 (age 9 – 11 subject to maturity level)
Master in Interpersonal relationship has walked from corporate to family
Building the bridge of “People as the core”


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