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The Preferred Talent Development System by 500 Corporate Globally
The Interpersonal Course Most Endorsed by Asian Leaders

Connecting People Heart to Heart

Revealing The Law of Attraction & The Secret on How to Bind People Together!

Building Firm Partnership & Striving Towards A Common Vision!

Winners Levarage on Their Networks, Losers Depend on Their Hardwork

The Rich Know How to Leverage, The Poor Depend on Themselves

  • Don’t know how to make good use of your charisma and thus feeling not been offered the right opportunity?
  • Don’t know how to bond with customers and thus losing them to your competitors?
  • Don’t know how to attract the right people and thus missed out all opportunities?
  • Don’t know how to develop connections and thus unable to get the targeted results?
  • Don’t know how to effectively unite team members and that lead to each member works according to their own agenda?
  • Don’t know how to align among team members and thus unable to realize our plans?

Do you know, according to a Stanford University research;

Billionaires’ achievements, only 12.5% come from knowledge & experience and 87.5% come from high quality contacts. Research also showed that 92.4% of companies’ long-established secrets are based on compatible and complementary elite teams with consensus on convergence and towards a win-win direction.

Turn Your Network of Connection into Your Competitive Advantage

The key to winning is about using your charisma, tapping on your network and connecting with people.

The success of a corporation lies in effective motivation, connecting with each other and creating firm partnerships within the organization.

Individual Charisma – Secret of Attracting The Partnership You Desire

The Power of Teamwork – Building a Team with Trust

Dependable Relationship – Integrate Your Network of Connection with Trust

Integrate & Collaborate – Binding People Together & Striving Towards Common Vision

Course Content

  • Attracting People with Your Charisma
  • Expanding & Nurturing Your Network
  • How to Win Your Clients’ Hearts
  • Building an Elite Team That Complements Each Other
  • How to Acknowledge & Motivate People Effectively
  • Turning Your Network Into Your Competitive Advantage
  • The Principle of Interpersonal Relationship
  • Common Understanding Between Superior & Subordinate
  • How to Create A Strong Tie Between Different Genders
  • How to Get the Pace Synchronized



A Course That Every Leader Should Do

There is no one whom you cannot communicate with, you just need to find the right way. I’ve found my life value, learnt to accommodate and connect with the people around me. It’s a course that will help you appreciate your life value. I think every leader should take the course.

-Dato’ Lee Nam Chuan

2L Fashion & Beauty Sdn Bhd

Pragmatic Behavioral Science

This is a scientific application of behavioral study. It’s supported me to explore my true self, connect with myself and understand myself. I’ve created valuable connections here. Besides, I have also re-connected with my family and managed to earn the acknowledgement from my team members. I’m very grateful.

-Yen Chew

CEO, Cell Story Sdn Bhd

Interpersonal Wisdom

I apply it at work, at home and in my relationship with people. I’ve corrected my thoughts, which can be subjective sometimes, and learnt how to compliment others. I’m using the knowledge, which is the essence distilled through 20 years of experience by my teacher, to strengthen the connection with people. As these are not taught in school, I will enroll my children to the course as soon as they have grown up, so that they get to learn valuable interpersonal skill as early as possible.

-Peng Yueh Chiu

Associate Manager, Lungyen Life Service Corporation, Ltd.

Effective & Practical System That Helps You Connect With Others

I’ve learnt how to connect with the 4 personality types. I use it at work to help me connect with people. I’m very grateful to Master Michael, for imparting his knowledge systematically to us. My career, my social life and family life have improved because of this.

-Elisa Che

Manager, Chung Yo Information Co., Ltd.


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