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Build A Superior Team • Develop Charisma •Lead with Wisdom •Establish Supreme System

Dear Business Owners, Have you found the right people? Are they in the right positions?

  • How to proceed great vision, if without staff’s consensus?
  • How to accomplish excellent plan, if without the right talent?
  • How to promote wonderful product, if without the right executor?
  • How to build long lasting relationship, if without effective communication?
  • How would a successful entrepreneur impart knowledge, if unable to guide?


  • Understanding other enable you to manage and win!
  • Understanding yourself empowers you to influence others!
  • Understanding human psychology allows you to pick the right strategy!
  • Understanding the working principles enables you to hire the right people!

80% of the complications in a corporation stem from interpersonal conflicts!

  • The biggest predicament of a leader is having stuck in people’s affairs, which are always difficult to delineate! Master the leadership wisdom, and create a winning corporation!
  • “Business enterprise has only one true resource: The people”-Peter Ferdinand Drucker, Management Guru
  • “I devote 60% of my time in human resources, this is what I should do. Good employees are good helpers to good leaders”-Jack Welch, Former CEO of General Electric
  • “The most successful business in the 21st century is about combining people’s network with the internet. The most important task I had when I was building Microsoft was picking good talents and building connections”-Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft


Induce and invigorate enthusiasm
Enthusiasm breeds loyalty, dedication and return
Enthusiasm dictates the speed of problem solving and assimilation of corporate culture, which is conductive to growth

The soft skills that guarantees stable development of a corporate

Competitive edge that is unable for opponents to imitate
Endorsed by top Asian leaders
The most comprehensive interpersonal course in Asia

4U For YOU – Identify • Penetrate • Shift • Breakthrough

Unfolding 360° the Working Principle of Mutual Influences!

Penetrate 100% into human behavior & resolve conflicts!


4U For US – Connect • Attract • Integrate  • Unite

Revealing the law of attraction & the secret in people bonding

Building firm partnership & striving towards a consensus!


4U For Leader – Strategies • Evolve • Ascend  • Succession

Revealing the secret of charismatic leadership

Developing the ultimate management strategy


Course Content

The Platinum formula to establish corporate mission

Employing the right people for the right positions

Sustaining Team Unity

Identify/employ/nurture/retain talents

Identify & capitalize on different personality traits

Evolution blueprint for top leaders

Capitalizing on your charisma

Strategy of building network

Shifting & Interactions

Corporate branding & PR Strategy

Building a Superior Team

Practical Observation & Mind Reading Techniques

Exploring the value of a successful life

The Golden rule of a Great Leader

Leading by effective Questioning

Asia CEOs’ Testimonials

A Life-changing course

The Teacher, the institution and the team are a group of very sincere people. I believe that every student will benefit from the interpersonal relationship course here and in turn make a difference in the space he is living within. Once you understand the true nature of life, it will certainly enrich every dimension of your spirituality.

Dato’ Terry Ong

CEO, Wealth Mastery Academy

A Powerful System That Empowers Self Examination & Breeds Success

I’m very receptive to the course because it offers very logical and practical knowledge. I believe that my life will improve and be happier, after learning the four interactions concept. On top of that, this is also a platform conducive to a quality and sincere interaction among the great.

Teoh Han Chuan

Executive Director, Ee-Lian Enterprise (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Aware, Connect & Embrace Abundance Life

Attending 4U course is the best gift I’ve ever given to myself.

It is very practical, I’ve become more aware of my colleagues’ perceptions and their stands. We are able to create strong connection and together we have gathered a powerful force. Because of the awareness I have gained more enthusiasm to take action in my life. Thank you to 4U for the enlightenment.

Dato’ Khow Siang Gin

Director, Hunza Properties Berhad

Tap Into One’s Strength to Create An Extraordinary Team

The 4 quadrants method has given me an insight into understanding myself. It’s also supported me to work with different types of people and create powerful teamwork. With this, I’m able to unite my team and we’ve created spectacular results.

Dato Ngei Chee Chau

CEO, Feruni Ceramiche Sdn. Bhd.

Wisdom That Enriches Your Life

I have gained lots of inspiration from here & therefore repositioned myself. 4U’s wide spectrum wisdom is vastly applicable even in career & family. Most importantly, I have found & set my purpose of life. My life value has elevated to a brand new level. This is a must-have course for everyone.

Nelson Chew

Director, Yoong Onn Corporation Berhad

Unleash Your Potential By Understanding Yourself

4U courses have given me the clarity to understand myself better. This is very powerful because one who doesn’t understand oneself would not know his potential and would not have the courage to make decision, hence living a mediocre life. One of the attractions of the course is that it offers simple and effective interaction, from which students will learn and benefits from valuable philosophy. Hesitate no more! 4U Courses will enrich your life and thus create more happiness.

Dato’ Chua Meng Min

CEO, MMTS Consulting Sdn. Bhd.

4U is the wisdom key to happier life

Grateful to have known 4U and I have since applied the wisdom that has improved my personality quality. Harmonious family has made me joyful. I have seen re-explored my goals, actively and optimistically overcame obstacles. I built my life accordingly and create my intended true happiness!

Sunny Koay

CEO, Sunweu Sdn. Bhd.


A workshop that gathers Asia’s top leaders

Taiwan • Malaysia • China • Singapore • Thailand • Brunei • Indonesia

The best international summit, bringing together the corporate elites

Take advantage of a prestigious social circle

Targeted audience: CEOs • Directors • General Managers • Business Partners • Senior Managers

Course Features

Practical Lesson • Satisfaction Guaranteed • Lifetime Revision • Constantly Engaged

課程地點:Malaysia|Kuala Lumpur


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