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1 min reading you Life Course, complete your career path

1 min learn to identify the right talents plan strategically and win

Talent Management Tool for successfully corporations

Decision Making Tool For Leaders

Analytical Tool For Crisis & Conflict Management

100% scientifically proven. Most Advanced 4U Formula to drive talents

In Career,

have you found a system that could wisely identify, recruit, train, & retain the right talents?

In Life,

do you know how to make good use of your potential and win people’s heart in life?

The golden key to decoding 9 personality traits up to 99.9% accuracy, based on DOB

Personal Advancement

Offers insight into one’s inborn talents and personality traits and support you to overcome challenges, breaking through and expedite your success.

Talent Management

Identify the right people for the right position help you to save time and cost. Put the right people who complement each other together and create a strong team.

Decision Making

Unravel the difficulties and hidden problems your companies are facing. Energy-based strategic planning helps you to make the right decisions and create unlimited opportunities.

Advantages in Sales

Develop your charisma and build up your personal brand to win customers’ trusts. Understand your customers’’ preferences and connect with them.

Interpersonal Relationships

Better understanding of the people around you breeds good communication. Create harmonious environment and work towards a common vision.


Improve communication with your spouse, understand your children’s development at different stages and guide them towards a better future!


Piratical & Effective

The biggest advantage e of 4U course is that you are able to apply it to work and life immediately. The course has helped me to connect with parents and strengthened my child education professionalism. By applying the knowledge learned, it creates a differentiation between our competitors and us because we are able to support parents how to guide their children and allow them to grow happily.

Tong Bee Yoke

QQ Holistic Education Programme, Director


I Have A Breakthrough in Career

This is not fortune telling but I’ve learnt how to made decisions that are favourable to me and avoid unfavourable situations. By applying the knowledge, I managed to establish a new career in the jewellery business. I’m thankful to 4U for helping me in my advancement.

Dr. Khoo Seok Wah

Vanessa LifeCode (Vanessa Diamonds)

Executive Director


I Got My Life Direction Right

Even if I spend more than ten thousand ringgit in this class, it is worth it! The most important thing is that I know how to face the future confidently in the direction of life, and go on the road!

Tsai, Yu-Mei

Goang Yih Group Qun Yue, Manager


Knowing people around you

By using this tool, I’m able to see through my families’ and friends’ issues when they are stuck and offer my help. I realized that I have been using the wrong method to guide my children before this. Now I’ve got it right because I’m able to understand their feelings and thoughts. Besides, I’m truly happy that my staff and I are now able to communicate effectively. I’m very thankful to have done the course.

LIN, Chen-Yuan

Taiwan Realty, General Manager


Your Positioning Decides Everything

Getting clear of your position is like knowing if you are playing the role of a Rook or the King? Or are you a Horse or a Pawn? Besides, it’s important to understand your partner’s role and position. Nothing is more crucial than working with the right people and doing the right things.

Thank you 4U for offering this course.

Sung, Chun-Feng

GE Taipei Garage Motor Company, Director



Reading A Person’s Personality Based on Birthdate

The Behaviour of 9 Numbers

Career, Relationship & Value system for 9 Numbers

Career Networking for 9 Numbers

Health for 9 Numbers

Energy for 9 Numbers

Holy Trinity Luck Flow Strategy

Interpreting 45 Types of LifeCode

Stage-based & Number-based Strategy

Energy Interaction

How to Strengthen Your Energy & Luck Flow

What to do in favourable & unfavourable Situations.



Targeted Participants

Business Owners, CEOs, Middle to Senior Management, Managers, Business Successors, Business Partners, HR Personnel, Sales & Marketing Personnel.

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